Tech Specs

Main Room Audio System

Main Room FOH Console:
(1) Midas Pro2 Tour Pack

Main Arrays
(8) d&b audiotechnik Yi8
(4) d&b audiotechnik Yi12

Front Fills
(2) d&b audiotechnik 24S

Balcony Fills
(3) d&b audiotechnik 10S-D

Out Fills
(2) d&b audiotechnik 8S

Bar Delay
(4) d&b audiotechnik 10S

Center Flown Subs
(2) d&b audiotechnik J Subs

Subs Under Stage
(1) d&b audiotechnik J Subs
(2) d&b audiotechnik J-INFRA Subs

System Amplification
(9) d&b audiotechnik 30D
(1) d&b audiotechnik 10D

Monitor System
9 wedge mixes total, plus drum sub
(1) Midas M32 Digital Console
(9) d&b audiotechnik M4 Stage Monitors
(1) d&b audiotechnik B6-Sub

Main Room Intercom System
(1) Clear Com MS-232 Headset/Speaker Main Station
(2) Clear Com RS601 1 Channel Beltpacks
(2) Clear Com HS-6 Telephone Style Handsets
(2) Clear Com FL-1 Call Signal Flashers

Front Room Audio System

Midas M32 Console, Microphones, Monitors/ Monitor Amps (6 wedge mixes plus drum sub) are shared with Main Room System.

Front Room Speakers
(2) d&b audiotechnik 24s
(1) d&b audiotechnik J Sub

Microphone Package
(1) Shure Beta 91
(2) Shure Beta 52
(6) Shure Beta 57
(3) Shure SM81
(4) Sennheiser 904
(4) Sennheiser 906
(2) Beyer M88
(8) Shure Beta 58
(4) Radial J48 active DI’s
(4) Whirlwind Imp 2 passive DI’s
Complete package of microphone stands, guitar stands, XLR cables, and 1/4″ cables.

Stage Dimensions

Main Stage
Stage is curved.
Height: 42 inches
Downstage Width: 34 feet
Upstage Width: 26 feet
Depth (corners): 12.5 feet
Depth (center): 15 feet

Front Room Stage
Height: 28 inches
Width: 15.5 feet
Depth (corners): 12.5 feet
Depth (center): 14.5 feet

Main Room Lighting System

(1) ChamSys MagicQ MQ60
(1) Elo 22” Monitor LED Touchscreen

Upstage Truss
(6) Chauvet Rogue R3 Spot
(6) Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash
(12) Elation Sixpar 300
(6) Source 4 Pars, 750 watt lamp
(4) Martin Atomic 3000 Strobes
(2) James Thomas 4- Lite

Midstage Truss
(6) Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash
(6) Elation Sixpar 200
(1) Mirror Ball with Relay

Downstage Truss
(6) Elation Sixpar 300
(6) Elation Design Spot 250
(10) Source 4 Lekos, 750 watt lamp
(6) Source 4 Pars, 750 watt lamp
(1) FOH work light (Source 4 par)

Front Room Lighting System

(1) ADJ DMX Operator

Upstage LED Fixtures
(6) ADJ Flat Par QWH5X

Downstage LED Fixtures
(6) ADJ Flat Par QA5X

Load in/ Parking
Main Stage – Enter parking lot on N. 14th Street. Park on the south side of the lot. Load in through through the overhead garage door marked “SLOWDOWN.” Free parking reserved for 1 Bus/ Trailer, 1 Van/ Trailer. Shore power available. Plenty of free parking available in lot.

Front Room Stage – Enter parking lot on N. 14th Street. Load in through gated patio area. Plenty of free parking available in lot.

Dressing Room Specs
2 rooms total. Both with adequate seating, tables, etc.
1 Private Bathroom
1 Shower/ Toiletries/ Towels
Washer/ Dryer
Friendly Hospitality!

club layout

(Click here for a PDF of the club layout)