Funk Trek


Funk Trek

Undisco Kids, Doom Lagoon, Andrew Bailie

Fri 3/8/19

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm (event ends at 1:15 am)

$10 ADV/$15 DOS

This event is all ages

MUSTARDVISION is conceptualization. Enter now the dimensions of Audio Vision!
Simply, we want to see what we hear! Now we can!
A MUSTARDVISION is an immersive series that aims to redefine how one experiences the arts, specifically sound and light.
We pair Nebraska's most accomplished musicians with technology, theater, and arts to induce surreal states of synesthesia.
Our aim is to explore and inspire new avenues of perception, both in how we interact with the arts and how we foster expression within the art community, all while paying homage to the everyday mechanical nature from which we pull our inspirations.
Our first installment brings light to the abstract thoughts of Funk and Jazz featuring Funk Trek (Omaha Ne), Undisco Kids (Lincoln Ne), Doom Lagoon (Omaha Ne), and Andrew Bailie (Omaha Ne).
Funk Trek
Funk Trek
For when the week is long and languid and it feels like your blood is turning the consistency of the slush on the curb, Funk Trek has a message. It's spoken for about 10 seconds of an hour-long album, but just because there are seldom words doesn't mean the music doesn't talk. When it does, it says: Purify, purify, purify.

The funk of the Omaha-based ensemble is something that boils and flows through a century of the urban America's artistic bloodstream. In six-minute songs dominated by horn pops and bass solos, there's a range of temperaments that could spark a small-scale high school dance revolt or could send up a nightclub in musical flames with a three-hour set. The technical proficiency simply needs to decide what outfit it wants to wear.

Founded in 2008, the band started out as Da Funk Trek Voyager and then became Funk Trek Voyager. Once Voyager became their debut album in 2010, they dropped that word from the moniker as well and now the band called Funk Trek is closer than ever to simply going by the name of the principle force in its music.

But they are right when the band postulates its songs are "one percent something stanky." A few rainy afternoon interludes highlight the jazzier side of their effort while horn slurs from an alto and tenor sax and trumpet invoke a hint of swing you won't find in Parliament Funk or Rick James. It's not dirty funk by any means. As the album title might suggest, Funk Trek comes to the listening public with a purified second album. If they wanted, they could reprise a Shaft score and they could do it with a hint of Glenn Miller.
Undisco Kids
Undisco Kids

Sonic synths + old school funk = Undisco Kids

Consisting of members Lucas Kellison (lead vocals/guitar), Manuel de la Torre (synths/keys/vocals), Dan Beard (guitar/vocals), Danny Firestone (bass/vocals), and Harrison Eldorado (drums), Undisco Kids brings a lethal mix of musicianship, energy, and fun to the stage and studio alike--all from the armpit of Nebraska. Kellison's time with Parliament Funkadelic provides the roots of the band. The live production of de la Torre, the jazz overtones of Beard, the classic groove of Firestone, and the rocking pocket of Eldorado bring the sound into the present, drawing comparisons to artists such as George Clinton, Stevie Wonder, Sly and the Family Stone, and Jamiroquai.

Undisco Kids has completed its debut album, Over the Bridge, to be released in September 2018. They are currently working on an additional EP titled Prototype, which will be available in winter of 2018. Additionally, UK is working hard to make sure that the live adaptations of their killer studio tunes are even more intense for their live audiences. The members of the band are using their time spent on stage with acts such as P-Funk, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Dead Prez, The Temptations, Herbie Hancock, and Boyz II Men to inform their current sound and show.
Doom Lagoon
Doom Lagoon
Five young souls trampled by the stampeding hooves of reality, trying to enlarge their existence through the sonic prism.
Andrew Bailie
Andrew Bailie
Andrew Bailie​ is an American songwriter, singer, guitarist, bassist and educator dedicating his life to music. His intricate songs are crafted with raw emotion, fierce guitar work, and an
unmistakable, soaring voice. Drawing elements from a variety of musical styles and traditions, Bailie’s songs are woven from his own hopes, fears and enchantment, tapping into the common human experiences that give us pause, inspire longing, or set us ablaze.
Venue Information:
Slowdown - Main Room
729 North 14th Street
Omaha, NE, 68102-4702